ENGLISH RAKUGO by Shinoharu 2016

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Experience a Rakugo Performance in English!

Rakugo is a traditional Japanese fine art of comic storytelling that started in the Edo Period. As a traditional art form, Rakugo performances are usually limited to a Japanese audience, but "English Rakugo 2016 by Shinoharu" welcomes both Japanese and non-Japanese people alike!

Non-Japanese speakers will be able to experience Rakugo firsthand for the first time, and discover the world of this age-old art form! Furthermore, as Shinoharu's English Rakugo will put a new, unique spin on the traditional Rakugo performance, even those who have experienced Rakugo would find themselves rediscovering new sides to this Edo-era performance art. It is also a great place for Japanese speakers to hone their English language skills at the same time!

Following his first public English Rakugo performance in Japan (Sept 2015), this upcoming performance will be Shinoharu's largest English Rakugo performance in Japan yet, welcoming over 200 guests of diverse backgrounds.

Language barriers should not stop one from discovering the rich tradition and joys behind Rakugo. With his performance, Shinoharu hopes that more people, Japanese or otherwise, would be able to learn about the well-loved cultural art of Rakugo!

21 January 2016 (Thu)

Door Open: 7PM
Start: 7:30PM

Fukagawa Edo Museum [photo] [location]
(Small Theatre)

1-3-28 Shirakawa, Koto, Tokyo 135-0021
〒135-0021 東京都江東区白河1-3-28

Standard Early Bird: 2,300 yen
Student Early Bird*: 1,500 yen
Standard (Advance): 2,500 yen
Student (Advance)*: 1,800 yen
At-the-Door: 3,000yen

UPDATE (20 Jan): E-mail reservations will be closed at 12PM on 21 Jan, but tickets can be purchased via Peatix up till 6:30PM on 21 Jan. At-the-Door tickets will be available on the day as well.

*Students include University Students, Exchange Students, and Language School Students. Please remember to bring your student ID or proof of affiliation on the day.

For inquires or reservations, do not hesitate to contact us.
Office: 03-6416-5563
Contact Person: Yushi Han
E-mail: rakugo@vivid-creations.biz


4-minute walk from Kiyosumi-shirakawa Station (Tokyo Metro Hanzōmon Line / Toei Ōedo Line)

What is RAKUGO?

A form of traditional Japanese entertainment, Rakugo is best described as stand-up comedy in a sit-down story-telling style, established in the late 18th century. As a minimalistic performance art, a lone storyteller usually wears a kimono (Japanese traditional clothing), uses a sensu (paper fan) and a tenugui (tiny handkerchief), and entertains the audience by playing several characters on akoza (stage).

As the story is being told, the storyteller gradually starts telling the story by acting as the characters in the story, rather than telling it as the narrator. There are usually more than two characters in each story and the performer plays both of them by skillfully switching the tone of his voice, his facial and body expressions. These stories are always witty and funny, and it is the rich usage of wordplay that makes rakugo so enjoyable.


SHINOHARU TATEKAWA is a Rakugo storyteller born in Osaka. After graduating from Yale University, he worked in Mitsui & Co. Ltd for three and a half years. In 2002, he was so greatly impressed and inspired when he attended Shinosuke Tatekawa’s Rakugo performance that he decided to give up his corporate position and focus his future on Rakugo by taking up a discipleship with Shinosuke Tatekawa.

After learning and training in the art of Rakugo for eight and a half years, he was promoted to “Futatsume” (a recognized rank for independent Rakugo performers). Besides traditional Rakugo tales, he has created new styles of Rakugo, including performances in English to bring this art form to an international audience.

In 2011, he gave his first solo Rakugo performance in Singapore. Following that, in 2012, he was invited to the Singapore International Storytelling Festival (SISF), where he was the only Japanese performer featured. He came back again to Singapore in 2013 and 2014 due to popular demand. The upcoming event marks his sixth time performing in Singapore.

Presently, he travels around Japan and the world on a mission of bringing laughter to everyone.

Official page: http://shinoharu.com/


Held in Tokyo, Shirakawa
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Thu Jan 21, 2016
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM JST
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Fukagawa Edo Museum
Standard Early Bird SOLD OUT ¥2,300
Student Early Bird SOLD OUT ¥1,500
Standard SOLD OUT ¥2,500
Student SOLD OUT ¥1,800
Venue Address
1-3-28 Shirakawa, Koto, Tokyo 135-0021 Japan
4-minute walk from Kiyosumi-shirakawa Station (Tokyo Metro Hanzōmon Line / Toei Ōedo Line)
Rakugo in Tokyo